Our Team

Risto Arhela

Partner (Global Sales)

Risto has 29 years of experience of professional business development and consulting in international environments. He lived and worked in the US over 10 years. Before establishing his own business 25 years ago in Finland, he worked at the international business development unit for large Finnish energy conglomerate. From early on, Risto has focused especially in the new business development and helped companies to internationalize and launch new products. Risto´s network consists of business associates as well as friends with professional expertise - expatriates and local people.

Risto Valtakari

Founder, Partner (Europe – ASG, Western Europe)

Risto has been hands-on involved in B2B technology sales, consulting projects and business set-ups in most European countries, US, China and Japan from 1986 onward. Before establishing his own company Risto was Partner in Accenture, focusing on creating new businesses, and managing global sales and delivery organizations. He has lived in Germany, UK, China and Austria, which is his current home base. Risto’s global network consists of ex-colleagues and client personnel, both expatriates and local individuals.

Jukka Laikari

Founder, Partner (Europe – Baltics, Eastern Europe)

Jukka has been living and working in 10 different countries. His expatriate career started in 1991, at the time when European wide mobile coverage did not exist, telefax was the fastest communication tool and when the visa regulations where complicated even inside of European countries. After his years in Austria, he has been working also in Spain, Italy, France, Estonia and Ukraine, among others. As a result of early adaptation of online tools and systematic networking, he has extensive global talent network and expatriate experience.

Jouko Riihonen

Global Sales

Jouko Riihonen has extensive experience of exports, international business development and sales. His has searched partners and build and managed distribution networks for various industries - from cleantech to IT.