Our Expertise

Our business is to make great matches with carefully screened experts and clients with a resource need; we serve our experts and our clients with integrity, honesty and respect; and we provide personal support that enables us to build long-term relationships with our expert network and our clients. We strive for finding interesting job opportunities for our expert network.

We help Nordic companies getting globally operational faster, better and cheaper than using other internal or external options. We are easy to do business with.

Main challenges for internationalization today are people related

How to find reliable, performing experts that live and breath the same values as the company itself. Landing and expanding in a new country or growing in a new market is faster and much smoother with people that understand the local ways of working. Especially when they speak the same language as the company.

The traditional wrong answer for this has been sending a high performer from home country and expecting him/her to become successfully operational in a couple of months.

Trusted person for difficult times

In today’s business environment rapid changes are common. And there is sometimes an urgent need to restructure or close down operations. In difficult times a person that has no ties to the existing organization and has relevant experience can be really valuable, helping you to save significant legal and personnel costs.

Many of our experts have experiences of both worlds: growing businesses and restructuring operations.

Been there, done that

Our partners have lived and worked in multiple countries and recognized the need for locally savvy and skilled individuals that can get local operations up and running and still truly represent company mindset. We help you to save time and money, and accomplish immediate results through finding an expat already present in the market and operational from Day 1.